We need a framework and practice for creating technologies that work with the least amount of attention, in suboptimal conditions, and that smoothly blend into the landscape of our modern lives.

Caseorganic is a research-focused consulting practice whose purpose is to improve people’s relationship to technology. We use principles of Calm Design to help companies create products that work alongside humans instead of running their lives.

What inspired the founding of Caseorganic?
The original promise of technology was to give us more human time, to work alongside us and make us more productive and creative.

In the rush to innovate, catch up, and lead the market, we often make hasty decisions. Tech is installed where it is not needed, or it is poorly integrated with those who use it. When we don’t fully consider how technology affects us, the result is a product/culture that doesn’t fit.

If we step back and look at how to implement technology for the long term. for technology in the longer term — our purpose is to reunite the promise of technology with our present moment.

Consulting offerings

  • Project-based — You can hire Caseorganic for specific projects before, during, or after project completion. 
  • Subscription/Retainer Based — You can hire Caseorganic on retainer to be “on call” for your project or the specific needs of your company. 
  • Thought leadership and corporate training — You can bring Caseorganic to your company for a four hour workshop, or a series of days for leadership, training, speaking, and hands-on problem solving. 
  • You can hire Caseorganic as a speaker for your event, retreat, or Board Meeting.
  • You can hire Caseorganic for a Calm Tech Masterclass for all or some of your company members. 
  • Don’t see what you need here? Contact Caseorganic for special engagements such as music performances, awards shows or video work.

Actionable research and implementation

Caseorganic can provide broad or specific recommendations, implementation and structure for your problems through perspective, analysis and education.

Audits/diagnosis/product triage

Unlike analysts who just present a quadrant, Caseorganic goes beyond the quadrant to rewire the client’s understanding of a problem, market, or opportunity. Caseorganic can also work with your company to build new products, fix existing ones, or explore new opportunities.

Clients and core markets

Caseorganic has helped numerous Fortune 500 Companies, Startups, and Agencies with thought leadership, product strategy and futures, including IDEO, Sonos, Microsoft, Wacom, AirBNB, PSFK, Kohler and Virgin Global, and technology sectors such as IoT, AI, automotive, and emerging sectors such as health technology, fintech and distributed computing.

About Amber Case
Amber Case is the lead consultant at Caseorganic. She is a internationally recognized speaker, author, designer and entrepreneur that lives and breathes tech innovation. She’s worked on products that range from 5 to 5 million users, grown two successful startups, and mentored over a dozen early ventures. She served as the VP of a publicly traded company, the Director of an R&D Center, and she is the author of three books on technology and humanity. Her TED Talk, We Are All Cyborgs Now, launched her into new conversations about how technology fits into our lives. She’s travelled all over the world, and looks forward to connecting with new people and new challenges.

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