The It Getters

I met Rand Fishkin of for the first time at Portland’s SearchFest 2008 in February. I’d crashed my bike the weekend before, and I arrived at the conference late, missing his keynote.

He’s an amazing guy. His speeches are some of the best in the industry. They’re rapid-fire, hilarious, and terrifyingly engaging. They are prime examples of structured and engaging learning experiences for large groups. In person, he’s charismatic, kind, and entertaining.

His blog is always a great read, but an old article about “It Getters”, struck a great chord with me.

In the article, Rand examines the problem that happens when “companies get big, add staff and eventually, the hiring gets a bit sloppy.” “Thus,” he points out, “you can accidentally add lots of “doesn’t get it” and “causes others to lose it” to your organization, sucking away the ability of others to produce more amazing times”.

This handy chart might explain things more easily:

Rand Fishkin's 'It-Getting' Scale

Rand thus proposes “a short and extremely simple set of recommendations for anyone running a company, starting a company, managing a team, or planning their professional life:

  • Discover what “it” is that you get
  • Apply yourself ruthlessly to “it”
  • Become competent at identifying “it” getters in your areas of weakness
  • Surround yourself with them”

The It Getters” originally posted on the Seomoz blog on August 7th, 2008

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